Learning Away


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The Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s project – Learning Away has launched an online pledge system which calls on everyone: schools, teachers, parents, students, residential providers, Initial Teacher Education providers, youth groups and all those working with young people to pledge to work together to provide more and higher quality brilliant residentials.

AHOEC Centres around the United Kingdom have been making their pledges along with all those supporting Brilliant Residentials.

The pledge system supports the #BrilliantResidentials campaign, which promotes and champions school trips with an overnight stay and disseminates the compelling findings of the Learning Away programme, which has produced overwhelming evidence about the numerous positive impacts a residential experience can have on pupils, staff and the wider school community.

AHOEC representatives sit on the Learning Away legacy group with the aims of  increasing the number of residential experiences taking place and to increasing the overall quality of the residential experience.

The group has already produced summary document combining the outcomes of ‘Learning Away’ and the English Outdoor Councils document ‘High Quality Outdoor Education’.

Pledges are a maximum of 140 characters and are placed on the Learning Away website and can be shared on social media.

Click here to make your pledge now.

Pledging allows schools, organisations and individuals to show their support for the campaign, importantly it also offers an opportunity to ask people to really think about what they will do to provide more and higher-quality residentials using the brilliant residential principles.

You can find out more by downloading the summary document: Brilliant Residentials – their impact on children young people and schools

or by heading over to the Learning Away website www.learningaway.org