The Gold Standard

Proving High Quality Outdoor Education

AHOEC Gold Standard

Gold Standard is AHOEC’s quality scheme, developed to go beyond the standards set by the LOtC Quality Badge, AAIAC Adventuremark and AALA. Encompassing not just safety but also the best quality of provision, at any provider displaying the Gold Standard logo you can be assured of both safety and quality in their outdoor experience.

Focusing in on 9 areas, the award demands providers focus on the quality of their entire provision, not just the delivery:


Gold Standard is administrated by AHOEC. Inspections are undertaken by D-Jac. For more information, email [email protected].


Please note, in order to complete the SEF, you must have the most recent version of Adobe and all supporting software installed on your computer. 


AHOEC Code of Conduct

Learning & Development

Customer Care

Safety Management

Facilities & Transport

Leadership & Management

Environmental sustainability

Compliance and Insurance

Continued Improvement

Using self assessment tools, external inspection and assessment, the Gold Standard award demands that providers continually improve, raise standards and use it as a vehicle for continually developing both the leadership and the staff.

Centres are encouraged to seek mentoring from existing Gold Standard holders and reach an ‘Excellent’ standard of provision before they can be awarded. Gold Standard providers are then eligible to apply for both the LOtC Quality Badge and for Adventuremark in addition. Providers are reassessed annually and inspected bi-annually.

To ensure accountability, Gold Standard is administered by D-JAC Limited, Adventure Activity Consultants. For more information on Gold Standard and an application form for those interested in applying, see D-J Adventure and Consulting.