Why visit an AHOEC organisation?

AHOEC Members have been at the forefront of delivering innovative, real, and exciting outdoor learning experiences to young people across the UK for over 50 years.

AHOEC - personal development through outdoor education and residential experience
AHOEC – personal development through outdoor education and residential experience

This has been achieved by successfully promoting all-round personal development through outdoor education and residential experience. Whether teaching skills or using different activities as a meaningful way of enabling young people to engage with their own learning, the focus of the course is the development of the whole person. A visit to an outdoor education centre is often the most memorable learning experience in a young person’s school career, more so if residential, providing their first time away from home and a chance to see and experience the world in a different way.

No matter what the activity, staff at an AHOEC organisation recognise that every person has a different start point and will need support to enable them to progress and achieve as much as possible. Teaching staff design educational programmes that are based on the educational needs of individuals and the group as a whole.

Activities that are adventurous, progressive, innovative, challenging and exciting provide opportunities for young people to take ownership of their experience and be challenged at a pace appropriate to their stage of development, no matter what their background or previous experience.

The activities themselves often require commitment, endeavour and resilience. As a result, many young people develop leadership qualities and grow in self-confidence and self-respect, often finding a voice that may not be apparent in their everyday lives.

By using real life settings and experiences, young people have the opportunity to develop an understanding of risk and consequence in a stimulating and challenging environment.

A residential course can help to develop core values, the organisation’s ethos reflecting a focus on the emotional, physical and mental well-being of every individual.

The skills that young people use and develop during a residential visit are skills for life
The skills that young people use and develop during a residential visit are skills for life

Both the young people themselves and their accompanying staff recognise the importance of the experience for getting to know each other in a different setting – a positive process that often has far-reaching consequences back in their everyday setting.

Taking part in the daily life at a centre, a camp, an expedition, whether by working with others on activities, completing communal jobs, or by just looking after personal belongings, fosters independence, responsibility – for yourself, others and the environment – and an awareness of the issues inherent in living as responsible citizens in both a close and a global community.

The skills that young people use and develop during a outdoor learning experience are skills for life. The ability to identify the inherent risks and the positive benefits of their participation, whilst on a course, are transferable to real-world situations helping to embed learning. Outdoor education programmes bring learning to life.

AHOEC organisations have a long tradition of consistently delivering high quality  outdoor education courses that are excellent value for money. All staff are dedicated to the needs of the visiting learners and staff, the focus being an experience that is safe, enjoyable and a preparation for continuing to learn throughout life.


Gain personal and social development & valuable life skills


Sample fun & engaging adventurous activities


High quality, trained, experienced & very friendly staff

Value for money

Day or residential tailored courses available to suit needs