The UK Outdoor Sector is a strong and purposeful place where organisations are linked by a shared belief in the value of outdoor experiences.

Collaboration with our partner organisations is a very important part of what AHOEC does.

English Outdoor Council

English Outdoor CouncilThe English Outdoor Council (EOC) is an umbrella body for organisations involved in the provision of outdoor education, recreation and development training.

Its work involves :

Lobbying for opportunities for outdoor learning for all young people, including those who could not        afford to experience these without financial support.

Promoting the benefits of progressive outdoor experiences.

Arguing for a balanced view of risks and benefits and an adventurous approach to life.

Encouraging high quality, sustainable provision, with proportionate safety assurance.

Maintaining a future focus on behalf of the outdoor sector.

British Activity Providers Association

The British Activity Providers Association is the trade association for residential and non-residential based providers of activity programmes and activities in the UK and also where members have sites in Europe.

Member centres have all agreed to abide by the BAPA Code of Practice and are committed to high standards of safety, value for money and customer service.

Institute for Outdoor Learning

The Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) encourages outdoor learning by developing quality, safety and opportunity to experience outdoor activity provision and by supporting the good practice of outdoor professionals. By representing and lobbying on behalf of their members, they can help ensure the development and progression of outdoor learning.

Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee

The Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee (AAIAC) is supported by CCPR and SkillsActive.The AAIAC is representative of a wide range of stakeholders from the adventure activity sector. It works with the industry to identify and disseminate good practice, and to advise government and its agencies accordingly.

Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel

OEAP outdoor adviceThe Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel (OEAP) comprises of the nominated representatives of the Chief Officers of Local Authorities in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. It provides a forum for sharing and developing good practice in Outdoor Learning / Learning Outside the Classroom. They offer advice and support to enable and encourage outdoor learning.

Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education

The Scottish Advisory Panel is the forum for representatives from Local Authorities across Scotland to consider and debate best practice in the development and safe delivery of Outdoor Learning.

Adventure Activities Licensing Authority

The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) came into existence in April 1996. It is currently sponsored by the Department for Work and Pensions. The Health and Safety Executive is currently designated as the AALA.
Adventure activities licensing ensures that activity providers follow good safety management practices.
These should allow young people to experience exciting and stimulating activities outdoors without being exposed to avoidable risks of death or disabling injury.

Outdoor Industries Association

The Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) is the trade body for manufacturers, retailers and other organisations that provide products and services for the outdoor leisure pursuits market in the United Kingdom.

Learning Away – Paul Hamlyn Foundation

In 2009, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation invited proposals from primary, secondary and special schools across the UK to work with us in developing and piloting innovative residential learning programmes.

Learning Away was founded on the belief that high-quality residential experiences can provide extremely powerful learning opportunities for children and young people – and indeed, for adults as well. When we considered that less than a fifth of a young person’s waking time is spent in school, the opportunity to engage them with the much more intensive, rich and deep learning experiences that residentials can offer was compelling.

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC) is the national voice for learning outside the classroom. They believe that every young person (0-19yrs) should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances.

Whether you are an education practitioner, headteacher, governor or organisation that provides LOtC experiences, this website offers a large range of resources developed with the support of many experts in the field learning outside the classroom. The site is designed to support anyone working with young people aged 0–19 provide high-quality educational experiences.


National Governing Bodies

Mountain Training

Mountain Training is the collection of awarding bodies for skills courses and qualifications in walking, climbing and mountaineering in the UK and Ireland. Our mission is to inspire, enable and develop people in walking, climbing and mountaineering through the provision of nationally and internationally recognised skills training and leadership qualifications.

The British Caving Association

The National Body for Caving in the UK

The Royal Yachting Association

The UK National body for all forms of boating under sail or power including disabled sailing.

The British Canoe Union

The governing body for the sport and recreation of canoeing and kayaking in the United Kingdom.

The British Mountaineering Council

The British Mountaineering Council is the representative body that exists to protect the freedoms and promote the interests of climbers, hillwalkers and mountaineers, including ski-mountaineers.