NAHT Membership

For Leaders, For Learners

NAHT is both a union and professional association, providing quality advice and support for leaders across the education sector not just in schools. Management advice, representation and legal backing during challenging times are all available to you when you become an NAHT member.

NAHT for leaders learnersThe value to you

  • Expert educational management advice
  • Legal representation and trade union support
  • Advice on employment, salary, conditions and pensions
  • Education news, analysis and information
  • Publications and online resources including guides, model policies and advice documents
  • Professional development, conferences and networking opportunities
  • Influencing national and local government policies
  • Dedicated 24 hour confidential stress and bereavement phone line
  • Discounts and special rates on a range of professional and personal products and services.

For AHOEC members wishing to join NAHT, applications must be made directly by contacting

An NAHT membership subscription is fully tax deductible. For more information about claiming, click here.

Any queries or questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Key Contacts

Paul Whiteman, NAHT Director of Representation and Advice, developed the link between AHOEC and the NAHT National Executive. This provides the opportunity to raise the profile of AHOEC with members of the NAHT Executive, as well as representing the interests of AHOEC members on specific issues.

Joanne Richardson is the NAHT headquarters officer. She attends AHOEC Executive Committee meetings, as well as the annual and half-yearly conferences.

Policy Directors are also in residence in Northern Ireland and Wales.

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